About Gordon

Over the course of his extensive career, Gordon has written and recorded heart-felt and intellectually stimulating songs for A&M Records and as Indie releases. Gordon has perfected his act as a performing artist in all types of musical groups ranging from solo to 6-pieces and from small smoky bars and lounges to massive glittering nightclubs – a history he chronicled in his song on his Tune Rider album – “My Last Band” (see Photo Gallery). After a lengthy hiatus from the music scene, Gordon has returned with an explosive and creative blitzkrieg of songwriting, recording, and singing. Writing for Radio Airplay, reviewer Jon White describes, Gordon’s work as “. . . an impressive depth of artistic drive . . .” and “ . . . boldly driving Pop Rock.”

Gordon Michaels is a singer-songwriter living in Parkville, Maryland with his wife Mary Ann and his dog, Mazie. These are Gordon’s first albums since his debut on A&M Records. Gordon splits his time between writing, recording, and teaching at Towson University.


vocalist, guitarist, composer

Jack of Hearts - The Album

10 poignant original songs from Gordon...ranging from Latinesque-to-hip-hoppy-to-jazzy-pop-to-romantic soft-rock...a long-time listener writes, "solid, wall to wall, pleasantly listenable, loop-able tunes…witty lyrics, smart chordal progressions, artistically articulated notes…vocals and harmonies are wonderful."

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